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>>> Extra wear resistant

>>> Extra long running times

Time and cost saving

due to less set-up time

Always 100% power

and sustainable work due to longer runtimes

Wear only after consumption of hardening


Pull through longer?

The use of LONG-RUN wear parts is particularly interesting for large-scale operations with long running times and large machines. Due to the longer service life of the wear parts and the associated reduced assembly and downtimes, and in some cases considerable cost savings are achieved. In addition, a better quality of work is achieved. The reinforced tool surface ensures that the optimum geometry of the wear part is maintained until the next replacement. This ensures fuel-saving work, as well as a good work result, since the desired cutting angle is maintained until the end. You do your work consistently well with LONG-RUN wear parts, at manageable fuel costs. That is why we say: LONG-RUN is quality for professionals. We have compiled our portfolio in our LONG-RUN catalog.

LONG RUN Hardening protection layers explained:


Powder coating

Special coating of chromium or nickel powder, sometimes with the addition of tungsten carbide particles, applied at high temperature by dipping or spraying. The base body is thereby coated with the coating.

Rotary harrow tines and replaceable tips are frequently powder-coated, since the alloy can be applied perfectly with this process and predetermined breaking points at the transition from the uncoated to the coated part of the base body can be avoided on these relatively small tools.

Powder-coated wear parts are more suitable for use on sandy soils, as damage to the protective coating can occur on stony soils.


Welded-on hardening protection layer

The hardening protection layer is welded onto the base body in a series of layers. Each layer diffuses with the last one applied. This results in a series of indissolubly bonded layers.

LONG-RUN wear parts with a welded-on protective layer are suitable for abrasive yet impact-resistant applications, such as on stony soils. This process is typically used to reinforce cultivator and wing shares as well as plow shares.


Applied carbide plates

The application of carbide plates is used for wear parts that have a particularly stressed side with a clearly defined wear point, such as cultivator shares. Tungsten carbide carbide plates are brazed onto the base body at the points of highest wear. Tungsten carbide is a material that has almost the same hardness as diamond. Reinforcing a wear part with tungsten carbide tungsten carbide plates thus ensures maximum stability and hardness.

Applied tungsten carbide plates are particularly suitable for use on clayey soils with low stone content. We advise against use on soils rich in stones, as there is a risk of detachment.


Combination of welded
protective layer and hard metal plates

Tungsten carbide plates are brazed onto the main wear zone of the base body. In addition, there is a welded-on hardening protective layer in the further wear zone.

This process is mainly used to reinforce coulter tips and cultivator coulters that are subjected to extreme stress.


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