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Efficient logistics


From our central logistic headquarter in Soest (Westphalia), our trade partners are supplied quickly and reliably. A perfect organisation, modern data processing technology, automated storage systems and the commitment of our staff guarantee that our customer´s orders get ready for delivery within next to no time at a delivery rate of round about 96 %. Because of the ideal coordination of all logistic actions we can assure minimal order cycle times, high on-stock security and a fast and flexible picking.
See for yourself the efficiency of our logistic solution.


We support our customers´ spare parts management by means of a bar code supported labelling of our parts as well

as continuous ORGAtop numbers. So

our customers have at their disposal all information about article movements at

a glance and can use them within their merchandise planning and control systems.


This service includes as well the commu- nicated order information of our customers. Before delivery the customer is informed by email about the delivery status of his order and also about all other reasonnable delivery information such as already linked parcel numbers. Networking with our customer´s information systems is a routine for us -

we offer standard interfaces for the popular computer programs.


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