Benzi di Terlizzi - Our number 1 for drive technology

Menke Agrar and BENZI & DI TERLIZZI are connected by a long-standing partnership. For more than 20 years we have been distributing the cardan shafts of the drive technology specialist from Italy on the German aftersales market and appreciate their quality. Our experience with BENZI & DI TERLIZZI products has proven their user-friendliness, durability and safety. In addition, the products have an excellent price-performance ratio.  This makes them number 1 in drive technology for us!

Leading machine manufacturers also appreciate the know-how of BENZI & DI TERLIZZI and have cardan shafts developed by the company for the original equipment of, for example, large balers, loader wagons and round balers. The range of cardan shafts for agricultural machinery is extensive. It offers standard cardan shafts in various sizes with and without overload clutch, single-sided and double-sided wide-angle cardan shafts, cardan shafts without connection forks, as well as all spare parts, such as connection forks, cardan crosses, profile tubes, guards, and freewheel/overload clutches for repair and maintenance of the drives. 


Universal joint

hergestellt nach modernsten Verarbeitungsmethoden und Wärmebehandlungen . Dies führt zu maximaler Festigkeit und längeren Schmierintervallen.


Connection fork

ausschließlich aus Stahl geschmiedet und erhalten so eine höhere Festigkeit und Lebensdauer.


Accident prevention-

Eine eigene Kunststoffproduktion und die Verwendung hochwertiger Kunststoffe machen die Unfallschutzvorrichtungen zu Spitzenprodukten mit langer Haltbarkeit.


Retaining chains of the protective device

Nur bei den Gelenkwellen von BENZI & DI TERLIZZI gibt es automatisch ausklinkende Schutzketten.

  • Power range from 60 HP to 300 HP

  • Premium universal joint drives longer service life of the joint crosses

  • Accident protection devices and sliding rings longer lubrication intervals up to 50 hours

  • Up to 2 times higher torsional torque

  • For a power range from 10 HP to 200 HP

  • High quality cardan gear

  • Joints made of steel

  • Lubrication intervals up to 8 hours

  • Includes all safety devices 

Presentation of the company Benzi


Foundation of the company Benzi & Di Terlizz by Roland Benzi and his wife Nunzia Di Terlizzi


Launch of products in Europe, America and Australia


Start of cooperation with Menke Agrar


Foundation of the brand Reduco


Foundation Benzi France


Foundation Benzi America


New production in Italy